Have you ever felt a sense of nausea, slight choking or closing the airway while you are performing normal cleaning operations?

Ecolinegroup Srl pays particular attention to the study of advanced chemical and technological formulations, a history of passion for research and innovation in full respect of health and the environment.

The new range of non-toxic ‘NO-TOX’ Detergents is the result of this eco-philosophy: products with excellent performance, practical to use and free from toxicity.The health and safety of the person, respect for the environment and the love for cleanliness are the basic ingredients of our formulas.Detergents free of toxic elements, carcinogenic to humans and the environment. Active ingredients Green and surfactants of vegetable origin.

Each No-Tox product responds to the corporate vision of respect for human health and high sensitivity for sustainable growth, including the environment. No-Tox products are formulated according to the restrictive European standards (REACH protocol, Dir. Eu. EC 648/2004).

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