Aromas with a unique and unrepeatable personality are born from the combination of the elements of Nature. Opening the windows of the nose we discover the breeze of ATLANTIDE, the freshness of LEMURIA, the oxygen of AVALON, the sensual caress of EL DORADO, the vivacity of IPERBOREA, the spontaneity of ANTILIA..

The Essences perfume emanating pleasant, delicate and intense scents and at the same time quickly eliminate unpleasant odours from the environment. The high concentration of the main components prolongs the persistence of the fragrance..


Effervescent and spicy fragrance that intoxicates the senses and the soul


It fills the environment with the freshness of orange blossoms and the sweet-and-sour scent of a lemon field


Gives a decisive and sparkling verve to the moments of everyday life

El Dorado

Round sweetness of ripe fruits and fullness of emotions, to create warm and welcoming atmospheres.


Brings inside the vigour of the waves and the conturbing sea breeze


An authentic rediscovery of pleasure and sumptuous aromas of precious woods

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